Why choose our school?


A great way to start!

There are many aspects of our school of which we are proud, including the facilities and the professionalism of our people, but one of the most unique aspects of schooling at Warwick West State School, which we believe makes us stand out from the crowd, is our daily morning parades.
For about twenty years now, students and staff (as well as lots of parents) start the school day with a whole school gathering which is built around music appreciation and positive school communications. In other words, our day begins with a song and a smile and the morning parade has become a real positive in our school culture.
Just ask the kids...
Who better than the students themselves to persuade you of the finer points of Warwick West State School? The following text is a collaborative effort from our Year 3 students:
West is best
Are you looking for a great school for your child? Consider Warwick West State School. It’s the best! It has amazing facilities, wonderful people and many other excellent reasons why it shines above the rest.
The facilities at Warwick West State School are something really special. There are modern well-equipped classrooms with data projectors and interactive white boards. Our brand new computer zone is air-conditioned and a very inviting place to learn. The library at Warwick West State School is second-to-none and includes a fabulous book collection as well as iPads, DS iBooks and computers for exploring the wider world. Our magnificent multi-purpose hall is used for whole school assemblies, indoor sporting activities and special events.
Of course, a great school is only great because of the people involved. Warwick West State School has a strong leadership team including Mr Callcott, our Principal and Miss McMillan, our Deputy Principal. The hard-working teachers are caring and dedicated and we also enjoy the services of specialist teachers for library, physical education and music. There are over six hundred students so it is easy to make lots and lots of friends at Warwick West State School.
There are many, many other wonderful reasons to choose Warwick West State School for your child. We follow the SHINE values which means that west is a very safe and supportive place to learn and grow. The school grounds are well maintained and the playgrounds are an inviting place to play. We are proud to wear our school uniform and know that it is a sign that we belong to the best school around.
So, the choice is yours but remember…Warwick West State School has great facilities and dedicated people as well as a safe and welcoming environment. That is why, we believe… West is the best!
Written by Year 3 at Warwick West State School
March 2013
Last reviewed 23 October 2019
Last updated 23 October 2019